Art stuffs by Jared Gagne.

someone please motivate me

Hi. I really like your art. I'm 17 and was wondering if you have any advice for someone younger who wants to be an artist in the future?
by Anonymous

I do actually. Turn off whatever device you messaged me on and get to work. You aren’t getting any younger. Find your thing.

Why do you post unfinished art on your blog? I think it looks unprofessional.
by Anonymous

Hmmm. Well, not to be rude…but it’s a fucking art blog. I am not a “professional”. I am a dude who has a little bit of talent and has not yet figured out what to do with it. If posting my process with hopes of getting some critical feedback is a crime, I am guilty. My goal is to improve my work and seeing my stuff interact with the universe helps immensely. There will only be more posts of my process so you may want to unfollow me now. Sorry?