Art stuffs by Jared Gagne.

So I’m training on some new stuff at work with this older woman. She keeps trying to tell me that certain functions aren’t “rocket science”. But instead she keeps saying “it’s not rocket scientist”. It is literally killing me.

good morning tumblr pals.  hope you have a super great weekend.  new art is going to be a little slow from me for the next week or two.  got a ton of stuff going on…weddings, pool closing, fall prep around the house, etc. etc. blah blah.  not enough time in the day dammit.  also going through various collections of movies, video games, electronics, books and purging…aka selling…to save up for a surface pro 3.  hopefully i can begin to crank out some better work on a more regular basis.  wish me luck!

hi. you really are an amazing talent. i was hoping to pick your brain a bit if you don't mind. My work is strictly in my spare time (3 kids, house, dayjob) but I think I'm ready to make a few of my better pieces available as prints/ shirts etc. on society6 and redbubble. Any advice for someone just starting out with really putting themselves out there? What methods work best for you to promote yourself and how do you manage that time with art production? Again...love your stuff. Truly.


Sorry for the delay, I’ve been stupid busy and haven’t had time to get on my computer to write a proper response to this!

I honestly have yet to see much promise from Society6 since they don’t promote people that aren’t already popular like RedBubble does. You could do both but it almost seems like a waste of time to me. 

If I were you this is what I would do:

1. Start a Facebook art page if you haven’t already, it’s a good way to promote. Same with Instagram, but make sure you don’t take on both if you don’t have the time stick to FB.

2. Put up some bits on RedBubble, get into a couple of groups on there that you can post to when you put up new work. It just helps more people see, but it’s not needed.

3. Look into making your own prints, do some research. There’s no need for forking out money for the giclée prints at the start, just stick to some good card stock or something of decent quality. Order prints from a local print shop if you can or drive to the nearest city. Starting with postcards and 8”x11” prints would be best, most artists make their money from postcard sized prints surprisingly.

I print about 10 of your favorite artworks to start. Leave room at the bottom to sign and date them. No need for getting into limited edition works yet unless you’d like, it’s just a bit more complicated is all. 

4. Get set up on BigCartel, Ebay or Etsy. This is if you want to see more profits. Sites like RedBubble take a HUGE chunk of the profits but it is still worthwhile. You can use your Facebook to direct people to your shop. Etsy or Ebay may be the best for you because you can start building a following on there easier. You can make much more profit doing this than RB. 

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope I helped a little. It’s a bit of a learning curve at the start but you’ll learn quickly if you do some research here and there and are passionate to put out great work.

Thank you so much for getting in contact with me, I enjoy your work as well!!!


- Jen

jenleesketchbook - Thank you so much for the detailed and thoughtful response.  Your input is truly appreciated and your words will echo in my brain cell as I move forward with trying to get something going.  I am sharing this with my followers as well because they should all check out your amazing work…Again…thank you!

Hi. I really like your art. I'm 17 and was wondering if you have any advice for someone younger who wants to be an artist in the future?
by Anonymous

I do actually. Turn off whatever device you messaged me on and get to work. You aren’t getting any younger. Find your thing.